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The weeks Mathematical Structures of Computation are a scientific programme organized in Lyon with the support of the Labex MILYON, and consist in a series of 5 workshops. Together with the trimester Semantics of proofs and certified mathematics organized at Institut Henri Poincaré (Paris) they constitute a French Semester on certified mathematics, programming languages and the mathematical structures of computation.


The weeks Mathematical Structures of Computation address several aspects of the interaction between Mathematics and Computer Science.
On the one hand, mathematical methods play a crucial role in several fields of Computer Science, such as the formal verification of programs and the theory of programming languages : logic and proof theory in particular are historical tools in this regard, and more recently, others theories such as algebraic topology discovered interesting applications.
On the other hand, concepts and techniques coming from Computer Science have notable applications in Mathematics. For instance, rewriting gives algebraic decision procedures and algorithms to compute homological invariants.
The central theme of this five-weeks session is the notion of computation. It will be developed under several aspects: algebraic computation, certified numeric computation, execution of concurrent processes, etc.
We illustrate this crossed enrichment between Mathematics and Computer Science through five workshops about of these expanding research fields.